The experienced technicians at Alpha Lawns provide professional hedge trimming in Boone County. Our primary service area consists of Florence, Union, Burlington, Hebron, and Walton.

We pair outstanding customer service with years of success in this industry to create a result-driven, incredible experience. Our hedge trimming experts know the ins and outs of what, when, and how to successfully trim hedges, shrubs, trees, bushes, and grasses.

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Hedge trimming is more than just a technician with shears. Hedge trimming is a science.

Our team of experts take a lot into consideration when trimming, shaping, sculpting and pruning:

  • Differences in plant growth patterns
  • Importance of choosing the right season and temperature
  • Pruning in a way that promotes the correct type of growth (i.e., a flower-inducing trim or a trim to stimulate root growth). 

We understand that there are many reasons to trim, so we always take your unique needs into full consideration. For example, a fruit- or flower-producing bush can be trimmed in such a way to encourage a higher yield. This is a great method for restoring functionality in stubborn berry bushes or overgrown shrubs. 

Perhaps aesthetics is your goal. We can carefully sculpt a landscape plant back into a shapely, clean bush. We will remove all dead or unwanted branches, restore desired shape and size, and achieve an attractive form.

If safety is an issue, we can help you. Old, overgrown, or wild hedges, bushes, and small- to medium-sized trees can obscure vision, block entryways and sidewalks, create hazards, and interfere with signs and lines. We can tame the plant and solve any issues with obstructions and hazards.

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Alpha Lawns is a locally owned, reliable small business. We are:

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Experienced and professional
  • Friendly, courteous and trustworthy
  • Trained in the safety procedures of all equipment

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